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About Karl-Heinz

Karl-Heinz Land (56) is an insider of the digital transformation. For 35 years, he has experienced and designed his core theme – digitization – in leading positions at international companies such as Oracle, BusinessObjects (SAP) and Microstrategy at Führungspositionen, among others. With neuland, he launched a digital and strategy consultancy in 2014 which, according to the ranking of the magazine “brandeins”, is repeatedly among the best in Germany. As a serial entrepreneur and investor, he relies on innovative technologies such as the Blockchain and the Internet of Things. The World Economic Forum (WEF) and Time Magazine awarded Land with the Technology Pioneer Award back in 2006.

The visionary Karl-Heinz Land, who sees himself as a digital evangelist, inspires thousands of decision-makers from business, politics and society each year with keynotes and workshops and shapes their digital agenda. As co-author Land has published three groundbreaking management books

  • Digital Darwinism – The silent attack on your business model and your brand
  • Dematerialization – The redistribution of the world in times of digital Darwinism
  • Digital brand management – Digital branding in the age of digital Darwinism

With his new book “Erde 5.0 – Die Zukunft provozieren” (Earth 5.0 – provoking the future) announced for July 2018, Karl-Heinz Land addresses the general public and sets himself an ambitious task: how we can save the world through digitization.

  • 4 books
  • + 10 Equity investments
  • + 30 years of technology, marketing and sales experience
  • + 50 start-ups founded, supported and/or internationalised
  • + 100 company transformations
  • + 300 Technology Projects
  • + 1.000 lectures, workshops and keynotes


In management positions for, among others, Oracle, BusinessObjects, MicroStrategy, GrandCentrix and VoiceObjects

Founder of some start-ups and investor as well as member of the supervisory board for companies of the Old and New Economy

“Technology Pioneer Award 2006” at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos and “Time Magazine”

Founder and Managing Director of the Initiative Deutschland Digital

Digital transformation is not a destiny, but a design task. It is not digital technology that is our enemy, but time. Because we are convinced of one thing: the digital transformation has the potential to make the world a better place – sustainable, resource-saving and socially responsible.

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Karl-Heinz Land New Thinker & future designer

Karl-Heinz Land – Coach: Become a future shaper of your company

The future needs visions, visions need a “moonshot story”

The future needs visions – visions need a “moonshot story”.
The world is complex and complicated. It takes clear, strong, convincing stories to explain and change them. According to Albert Einstein: “Make it as simple as possible, but not easier!” As an international keynote speaker and inspiring workshop leader and discussion partner, Karl-Heinz Land coaches you to shape the future of your company. Together with his team you create the “Moonshot Story” for your business – simple, visionary and provocative for the future.

“Follow the fellow who follows the Dream” Quote: J.F.K.

Take your colleagues, customers and partners with you on the journey into the future Karl-Heinz Land is your coach for motivational storytelling:

  •  Mutual development of “your mission statement & and your story!”
  • Documentation of this story as “story” & company presentation
  • Support in elaborating a communication strategy (presentations, workshops, coaching, events, roadshows,..)
  • Karl-Heinz Land as “networker” with excellent contacts at top level in many industries: Startups, technology firms, potential customers and partners
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Explore Karl-Heinz Land’s key topics

Earth 5.0
I, everything, immediately and everywhere
The new infrastructure of prosperity
Digital Darwinism
Work? Why on earth?
Industry 4.0 – Valium for organizations
Perfect storm? Tailwind!
Digitalization does NOT change anything. Only EVERYTHING.
The redistribution of the world
And now? The time after capitalism

Improve your business!

Karl-Heinz Land is the speaker of choice for:

  • Executive events
  • Client events
  • NGOs
  • Educational institutions
  • Interest representatives
  • Political parties and organizations
  • Professional associations
  • Clubs
  • Personnel developers
  • Organizers of symposia
  • Initiatives
  • Media companies
  • Publishers
Speaker Package

“I just wanted to let you know how impressive and interesting your presentation was yesterday on Digital Day! Many thanks for the great speech; I believe you have given many a proprietor a reality check about having to digitalize oneself and one’s company as quickly as possible and to keep up with the times.”

Sophie Waller (hagebau),

“As I am sure you have already heard, the event on Tuesday was very successful. I was very pleased about the response. Mr. Land’s presentation was top and, despite the time extension (which is meant in a positive way in this case), everybody paid very close attention. Mr. Land “captivated” the participants with increasing “sets of slides”. It was terrific and I myself was fascinated.”

Kerstin Zubke (SHD),

“Mr. Land really motivated me to tackle the really important things that you don’t see for yourself at first glance, thus removing the scale from my eyes.”

Daniela Bopp (Management Circle),

“Electrifying presentation, motivating, thrilling and really worth seeing!”

Marika Ellermann (Xerox),

“The value added chain and the depth of it will change. Are we aware of what this simple sentence actually means, what dematerialization actually means? I have used the terms in my daily work. But I didn’t become aware of the serious effects until I watched an interview with Karl-Heinz Land. He explained it in such simple terms and clearly that I had to ask myself outright, how one earth couldn’t I see that?”

Simon Staiger (FIRMA),

Read – and be inspired!

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EARTH 5.0 – Provoking the Future

Things are not good around the planet earth. Harmful greenhouse gases, population growth and unchecked economic growth are overloading the ecological systems; mankind has long been overexploiting irretrievable resources. In principle, we need a second planet to ensure the survival of humanity. But the fifth industrial revolution offers a unique opportunity to provoke a new digital future and to dampen or even eliminate the pressing problems. In his new book ” Earth 5.0 – provoking the future “, announced for July 2018, Karl-Heinz Land unfolds a scenario that is as bold as it is fascinating, in which the world and humanity can be saved through digital transformation.

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Digital Darwinism

“Adapting or dying” – companies risk their competitiveness, if they are unable to keep pace with technological and social developments. As co-author of the book “Digital Darwinism”, Karl-Heinz Land sensitizes entrepreneurs and managers to the relentless, evolutionary selection in the markets. In addition, he shows ways and concepts to always be one step ahead of the competition in times of digital changes.

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Digital brand management

The concept of brand management has changed fundamentally as a result of digitization. In order to successfully manage brands, new, digital design fields must be used. In addition, the brand can now act much faster, more innovatively and more personally at multiple touchpoints. The book “Digital Brand Management” shows how a brand can win the hearts of customers, design new customer journeys in an engaging way and integrate customer feedback.

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Dematerialization – the redistribution of the world

More and more physical goods are turning into software and apps. Today’s smartphones do as much as an entire trunk full of devices in the past. The effects are immense: With these products, factories, machines, skilled workers – even entire value chains – disappear into nowhere. In the book “The redistribution of the world” Karl-Heinz Land, as co-author, sheds light on the causes and consequences of dematerialization – not only for the economy, but also for society and each individual.