Digital Mindset Programm

How can the entire company be made to better understand and more accurately perceive how digitization affects the business model, culture, leadership systems, employees, and customers? How can you support your team in sharing knowledge, improving communication and working together more efficiently? How can you motivate people to actively shape digitization and apply innovative methods, software and tools? How can you take away people’s fear of digital change and instead start a creative fire?

Mindset shift concerns people, business and society

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You would like to motivate your team for the digital future…

… invest in new technologies and inspire people for change processes? This is exactly why Karl-Heinz Land developed the “Digital Mindset Program” of the neuland Academy. The program accompanies companies through all change processes. With its digital platform, it can actively involve hundreds of employees in the transformation at the same time.

Together we create a scalable program for a comprehensive and sustainable mindset shift in your company.

Motivate and empower your entire team with inspiring learning materials tailored to your company’s needs. Karl-Heinz Land and his team work hand in hand with you to develop internal communication, to inspire your employees for change and to align your company to the digital future.

Our tools are inspiring keynotes, interactive workshops (online and/or offline), a mobile learning platform, keynotes and workshops for knowledge transfer and activation. Mobile Learning strengthens and deepens knowledge, motivated by repetition and gamification – even beyond the regular company boundaries at any time, everywhere.

These three tools speed up your digital journey:

Inspiring Impulses

Karl-Heinz Land’s keynotes influence the thinking and behavior of leading European companies at the top management level. Let yourself be inspired by how he simplifies complex and disruptive concepts and makes them comprehensible.

Karl-Heinz Land prepares companies for the effects of the exponential explosion in IT performance and raises awareness of the dramatic changes.

His “Digital Mindset Workshops” awaken and deepen employees’ understanding of digitization, dematerialization, and disruption. The teaching material and the exercises of the program promote a wealth of ideas and make it easier for employees to adopt new skills and working methods.

Interactive Workshops

Our “Digital Mindset” workshops work with a group of employees to impart an understanding of the urgency of change in a disruptive digital age. It is equipped with educational material and exercises to evoke new ideas and create new behaviors that can be used and taught to the entire organizations.

Mobile Learning

The interactive mobile learning program provides more than 300 minutes of teaching material covering the core areas of digital transformation (basic definitions, concepts and inspiring use cases). The standard modules cover the following topics:

  • Measurement of the digital maturity level in the digital age
  • Business modell innovation
  • Digital vision and target image
  • Digital roadmap and control
  • Effective operating models
  • Corporate culture and cooperation
  • Future of work: people, skills, collaboration with machines

“I just wanted to let you know how impressive and interesting your presentation was yesterday on Digital Day! Many thanks for the great speech; I believe you have given many a proprietor a reality check about having to digitalize oneself and one’s company as quickly as possible and to keep up with the times.”

Sophie Waller (hagebau),

“As I am sure you have already heard, the event on Tuesday was very successful. I was very pleased about the response. Mr. Land’s presentation was top and, despite the time extension (which is meant in a positive way in this case), everybody paid very close attention. Mr. Land “captivated” the participants with increasing “sets of slides”. It was terrific and I myself was fascinated.”

Kerstin Zubke (SHD),

“Mr. Land really motivated me to tackle the really important things that you don’t see for yourself at first glance, thus removing the scale from my eyes.”

Daniela Bopp (Management Circle),

“Electrifying presentation, motivating, thrilling and really worth seeing!”

Marika Ellermann (Xerox),

“The value added chain and the depth of it will change. Are we aware of what this simple sentence actually means, what dematerialization actually means? I have used the terms in my daily work. But I didn’t become aware of the serious effects until I watched an interview with Karl-Heinz Land. He explained it in such simple terms and clearly that I had to ask myself outright, how one earth couldn’t I see that?”

Simon Staiger (FIRMA),