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Inspiration & Awareness:

About Karl-Heinz Land

Inspiration & Awareness:

About Karl-Heinz Land

As a keynote speaker, author and coach, Karl-Heinz inspires thousands of executives, managers and teams, year after year. With his lively, enthusiastically and sometimes provocative lectures, which guarantee a high degree of efficiency, he shapes the digital agenda of international corporations and medium-sized companies.

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Motivation & Education:

neuland academy

Motivation & Bildung:

neuland academy
With the neuland academy, Karl-Heinz Land has created a scalable qualification program to train employees and teams for the digital transformation. Interactive workshops and a mobile learning platform not only highlight the key success factors of digitization, but above all convey a new “digital mindset” and thus promote cultural change in companies.

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Author. Speaker. New thinker.

As an internationally sought-after keynote speaker, coach, visionary and author, and insider of the digital transformation, Karl-Heinz Land creates an awareness of the speed, depth and extent of digitization. He thinks digitization through as consistently as he does interdisciplinary and does not accept any limits of thought. In this way, Land reveals the hidden connections and drivers of digitization and moves companies and organizations towards the future.

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“I just wanted to let you know how impressive and interesting your presentation was yesterday on Digital Day! Many thanks for the great speech; I believe you have given many a proprietor a reality check about having to digitalize oneself and one’s company as quickly as possible and to keep up with the times.”

Sophie Waller (hagebau),

“As I am sure you have already heard, the event on Tuesday was very successful. I was very pleased about the response. Mr. Land’s presentation was top and, despite the time extension (which is meant in a positive way in this case), everybody paid very close attention. Mr. Land “captivated” the participants with increasing “sets of slides”. It was terrific and I myself was fascinated.”

Kerstin Zubke (SHD),

“Mr. Land really motivated me to tackle the really important things that you don’t see for yourself at first glance, thus removing the scale from my eyes.”

Daniela Bopp (Management Circle),

“Electrifying presentation, motivating, thrilling and really worth seeing!”

Marika Ellermann (Xerox),

“The value added chain and the depth of it will change. Are we aware of what this simple sentence actually means, what dematerialization actually means? I have used the terms in my daily work. But I didn’t become aware of the serious effects until I watched an interview with Karl-Heinz Land. He explained it in such simple terms and clearly that I had to ask myself outright, how one earth couldn’t I see that?”

Simon Staiger (FIRMA),

Architects & Pilots:
neuland digital consulting

The strategy and transformation consultancy neuland.digital, founded in 2014 by Karl-Heinz Land, conceives, anchors and secures sustainable digital projects. According to the ranking of the magazine “brandeins”, neuland.digital is again among the best management consultancies in Germany. Lands credo: “In digital (r)evolution we must not take people by surprise. They need a clear vision of the digital future and a concrete, comprehensible agenda. And they must be enabled to implement the transformation courageously, quickly and purposefully.”

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From vision to market:
neudenker – the designers of your customer journey

The neudenker are experts in strategic communication and customer journeys in the digital market environment. They take up the impulses, results and concepts from Karl-Heinz Land’s cooperation with companies and organisations, develop and realize tailor-made implementation concepts. By means of networked communication and events, they involve target groups as early as possible in the go-to-market strategy of the companies. The content marketing strategies of the neudenkercreate sustainable relationships between customers, products and services.

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